What is your refuge?

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Buddha statue in sunset

This is an article that has been brewing unconsciously for a looong time, and today I wrote it up & published it on Linkedin:


In a modern, stressful world where social media like this one keeps us mentally on edge & busy 24/7… What is your refuge? Do you take any time completely off, getting free of the stranglehold of needing to be a success, someone, anything at all?

For some people it might be excercise, yoga, walks in nature, or perhaps shopping or gaming. No one can be totally turned on 24/7, so in what way do you rest & rebuild for the next busy day?

For me it has been meditation, buddhism and related fields for decades, ever since I ventured on my first trip to Asia in 94. That one turned into quite some expedition, and really changed everything on a deep & personal level.

So this is why I write this, as a starting point for a new, more direct and uncensored way of expressing myself – as well as a homage to the aspects of Thailand that really has helped me out a lot.

One of my favourite temples in Bangkok is Wat Bukhalo, by the river south of the most busy areas. As a photographer I can really relax and focus on the fundamentals doing analog photography (which is easy here), and combine free-form meditation with getting images like this đŸ™‚

What value has taking refuge from the modern, online world you might ask?

Is the value not immesurable, the one thing that can heal a stressed out mind?

Does not the body that follow and adapt to what the mind is used for, especially in repetitive ways?

The one thing I find amazing and most inspiring here is all the hard-working people having far greater problems and challenges than most seem to have better routines for seeking shelter, for finding a refuge from the ever stronger mental forces that control us – especially with the engineered, online “gamified” social media and apps.

Ponder about it, what is your refuge and how does it work for YOU?

I am very grateful to Thailand and its people for now being allowed to stay and work here, and I will keep posting content like this.

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