The term dunamis

The West has forgotten its roots, is lost in pure technological development, and has ultimately lost the spark that led the whole world to where we are today.

Any thing, person or situation has a potential, has a course of action for growth, and a future depending on the choices we make – and this awareness is what is needed to bring us forward.

The term dunamis is somewhat congruent with some of the thoughts and musings I want to publish on this site, especially since I have had this sneaking suspicion for decades that perhaps Aristotles was closer to truth than Platon…

Now that the West is lost in a psychosis, where the shadow-play in the cave is taking grotesque forms, we need to seek inwards to see our own potential, not the outward projections and super-charged need of social media.

We also need to acknowledge what is lying in us as patterns, chimeras and natural potential – thus fending off the worst of the outer, nihilistic and rootless online, social frenzy.

Thus I choose the term dunamis, not with the intention of my content and the term matching perfectly, but more as some resemblance, a reminder and inspiration.