“This will be difficult” was intended to be the opening of this type of writing for me. The reason was that my history and what I hope to bring out based on that is very rough, hard to “work the right” way on social media, as well as a potential showstopper in my current work of line.

But then the world changed, almost overnight…

Which is what I am used to, personally.

We all have our challenges, and its easy to “cave in” and become obsessed with ourselves when we get ill, or something bad happens - as losing a job, partner or similar.

Some have experiences with intermittent illnesses that leaves them floored for a while, and some struggle for years with chronic illnesses.

Its a few years now since I finally “forgot” how it is to have a body that works as it should, and a quarter of a century since autoimmune illness almost killed me off.

Fortunately its also a couple of years since I routinely collapsed from undescribable exhaustion, sectioning off each day on its own in my mind to barely make it to the next. I sometimes feel I’ve been through my own, “silent war”, once visiting ER with symptoms of a stroke, but returning on my own as I was too ill to keep waiting…

Rebuilding myself in brutal ways, having a short year on top, going down again… Losing all support, not being believed by any health personell, and finally half-fleeing my own country to retain at least SOME function, and income.

Although even trying to describe these experiences would be interesting, what is important NOW is to use what I have learnt to cope - for myself, and maybe some other people too…

Whatever calamity or challenge we meet, I do think there is a pattern in it all. And that those who get through the real challenges in their live in some way or another follow this pattern.

So, as this is social media I’ve put it in points!


1. Appraise clearly what is, prepare the ways you can

When “the bubble” bursts, trying to get inside another one is quite normal, and something most of us have a habit of doing in good times. But what about those times when you know deep down that this might be it, things are about to get really rough, and you really cannot afford not to react appropriately?

Getting to being square with reality can both be a process of its own as well as very hard when things come tumbling down… The most important part is, however, to know that its necessary - that gives you the fluidity and realism that will keep you from both going inert and freaking out, leading to a far worse situation one way or another.

Some people spend years preparing anything from food and supplies to alternative passports, while some wake up late and might freak out precisely because of being “caught asleep” - but the principle is the same, see reality squarely in the eye and do what you can!


2. Acknowledge what is beyond control

If, on the other hand, you try to control everything, you will quite likely exhaust yourself as well as getting lost in a maze of facts, ideas and systematic approaches.

Whether it is a personal, medical crisis, war, or a complete meltdown, there will always be a lot of factors that are beyond your control. Do not let these drain your mental energy! When I was admitted to hospital in a rapidly deteriorating condition at the age of 26 we were fortunate in being able to get some inside knowledge on the state of that particular section. Even though I was NOT happy “giving in” and getting filled up with aggressive drugs, having got that “unorthodox” thing done was enough for me to relax - I knew I´d done what I could do before ending up immobile in a bed.

Weird and wonderful things will happen to most, and nightmarish things will happen to a few - you have to accept that you’ve now done what you can, and simply do not know what course events will take.

That everything might go well is also something you do not now or control completely!


3. Connect to what is your real potential

Why is there literally thousands of documentaries on the world wars and any crisis that is now history? One of the reasons is for sure that we want to connect to a stronger part of ourself, we want to know it is there if, and when, we need it.

History is also full of “peacetime heroes” that cover and wimp when the first shot calls out, or timid, seemingly powerless personalities that step up to levels no one would imagine.

The truth is that all we need is both genetically lying in us, as well as in what most cultures have regarded as “ancestors” of some sort. Whatever your explanation for the wonderful and endlessly intricate world is, I think its very hard not to see that these sources of power, abilities and inspiration are REAL.

At least they are very real for those that come in contact with them, listen to their instincts, and that it is a force within that GROWS when you acknowledge it!


4. Welcome what is beyond and in us all

For all of  these phases meditation and different mental techniques are in my opinion a huge plus, although it might perhaps be necessary for all.

I do, however, believe that to reach the deepest levels some “taming of the mind” and connection to something transpersonal is necessary. Maybe not for surviving and connecting to the active forces that are within you, but it is essential when it comes to one very important aspect: resting.

War is 90% boredom and 10% action is a saying that rings true. But what is better than boredom? Perhaps being able to completely rest beyond all worry and thought-processes?

If you let yourself gradually relax and detach until you reach this level, you will free up an enormous amount of energy, which will make you more clearheaded when “coming out” of this state. Also, it really lets your body rebuild and rest on a level that does not happen when the mind is full of thoughts and emotions.

I do not care at all what your concepts about this state is, but I do insist that it is within every single one of us - and that what stops us getting there is mainly that we think its impossible!

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