Do not let tech use you!

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How does social media and its underlying tech shape our mind & habits?

The extreme amounts of research and work that is going into designing apps & webpages for social media has ONE goal only: to turn the user into an addict, and then sell the accrued data to the highest bidder…

Here I’ll share a few hints & tricks that I think could help a lot of people, especially this link: đŸ™‚

I clearly remember getting my first real smartphone, an Iphone 3G around 2010. One thing became clear during the first weeks: I would have a real fight with this system of notifications, it took no more than signing in to a handful of sites & services before it started pinging me endlessly…

So, I did take that fight seriously early on, and managed to “tame” notifications. I did wonder what would happen if I’d turn every single notification possible ON, but why do this to oneself? But then of course, someone else have done exactly this as an interesting experiment:

What took FAR more energy and time was to battle with Facebook until I was able to use it, not to be MISused by it… The major battle was to start completely ignoring the notifications inside of Facebook, as there is no way to turn them off. But, after a while of forcing myself to just look past its red, “warning-lamp” type of design.

This blunted most of the “mind-hacking” and controlling tech of Facebook, but there is a very good way to take this further. Facebook still allows access to the site with pure HTML, and this combined with a good privacy browser like Brave completely undermines the dynamic of “the user is the content” model.

Simply access Facebook on this url in any browser:

This link also takes care of another very important aspect: it makes it possible to use the messaging system on Facebook without ever installing their app! So, no stressfull popups and extremely addictive UI/UX, but I can still keep in contact with the few people I have to reach on Facebook only.

Since this is a Friday I’ll wrap it up with a very interesting interview that I found on Youtube today, its worth seeing & reflecting upon:

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