2020 – the year the website died

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Setting up our new front here in Bangkok I started doing the ordinary thing, getting a mulitlangual WordPress site up – but also researching options in general.

A website has not been a “homepage” (oh, how I dread that word) for at least a decade, integrations and services need to be integrated in order to really boost the presence and sales, but the game is about to change for real!

Services like Kajabi and Podia will certainly take a HUGE marketshare when it comes to SMEs and solopreneurs, this being the last segment that so far has not had the muscles to integrate all necessary services like the huge corporations do…

So, 2020 will be the year when this really takes off and a lot of businesses will migrate to these types of services!

Having built websites since 98 I now realize that I need to change my mindset in an even deeper way, basically eradicating the whole concept of “setting up a website” – and totally get onboard with the full feature services that work!


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