New Year celebrations Koh Chang. Photography by myself.

This website has three main sections, that mirror my two main areas of work as well as the future of this site.


Running Vizpro Agency since 2014 I work with & create images almost daily.

Here I will share any and all types of photography and video, as well as news, articles and anything interesting.

Digital transformation

Since I delivered my first commercial website in 1998 the game has changed completely.

As a consultant in Glimrende SA I run workshops with customers on digital transformation, and will share useful information and news here


Around 2005 I made a personal decision which included always working with teams as well as having long term plans.

This section is about my plans for Dunamis, growing the potential towards launch around 2023-25

Most posts will be tagged, with some being specifically for Norway.

English language and international content:

Norwegian language and contry-specific content: